Posted by: kphelps | March 15, 2010

Cards and Cats Get to Dance! Get Your Free NCAA Brackets Here!

We all knew the Kentucky Wildcats would be a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.  I guess if they had beaten Mississippi State in regulation they would have been the overall number one seed, but still Cat fans can’t complain.  The Cats should make it to the final four but they are such a young team, can these freshmen shake the nerves and play like upper classmen?  I guess we will find out soon enough.

Being a University of Louisville Cardinal fan, I know how it felt to be the overall number one seed in 2009 and this year just grateful to be going at all.  I really thought they might be a bubble team since losing their first game in the Big East Tourney. So you can imagine my shock with a number nine seed!  To tell you the truth I would have rather the Cards been a ten or eleven seed because if they win Thursday night, and that’s a huge if, they will face the Dukies.  Man, having to face the number one seed for the second game, how brutal.  But the Cards have to get past Cal first and that will be a heavy task.  Let’s just hope the good Cardinal team shows up, not the one from the Big East tourney.  If the good team shows up and plays very well for 40 minutes then they will get the win.

Have fun completing your brackets and you can get your free bracket here.  I usually fill out two and never do very well, although I usually get at least one pick in the final game.  So enjoy the next couple of weeks and have fun rooting for your team.  Go Cards!

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